Introducing: Noxious

For lovers of quirky, kitsch, trashy, otherworldly jewellery, there is Noxious.

Noxious Shop


Noxious has a range of Jewellery from £1.50-£18. From chokers to semi-precious stones, owner Carrie Wylie has compiled a jewellery store for those who like to stand out from the crowd. Combined with Carrie’s blog, Noxious is an excellent store for those that want to escape from current twee trends and are looking to support smaller stores that make a difference.

The great thing about Carrie is that she is a small business lover. She supports lesser-known brands and, due to being obsessed with fashion, spends most of her free time seeking out new brands and stores to explore and promote. In this sense, she’s not only a great shop owner but somebody very worth keeping an eye.

Noxious only started this week but I’m excited for the future!