Cohabiting the thrifty way

When my boyfriend and I moved into our flat, we were slightly astounded by how much we needed to buy on a really small budget. We were told our flat would be furnished and in part, that was true. But we didn’t have things like bookshelves, extra chairs etc. We didn’t have the money, after paying for our deposit for any decent furniture so I decided to chance my luck and see if there was anything I can do, even as a temporary fix.


First of all, I tried local charity shops. As exemplified by a blogger I love here, searching through charity and second-hand shops can be very beneficial and can even result in quirky bargains! I actually found, though, that an interesting and ultimately, helpful place for me was Freecycle. On Freecycle I got a reclining Ikea chair, a table and chairs set, 2 leather, purple bucket seats and er, oddly, my cats.


What I found really interesting was, once I stopped being quite as skint and could actually afford to shop elsewhere, I still tried to remain as thrifty as I had been in the early days. I found that sites like Etsy had so many stores within them with unique, upcycled goods, homemade furniture and independent artwork that, when combined can make for at the very least… an interesting home.



Other things I did included…

Split food shopping

Food shopping was a tricky one for my boyfriend and I for quite a while but, eventually, we realised which places were better for certain things. We also made an effort to not go to supermarkets constantly and have utilised our local fruit and veg shop as well as our butchers as much as possible. It sometimes costs a bit more but the payoff is locally sourced, fresh food and well, it’s worth the extra food pennies.

 Utilise points cards 

Boots, Tesco, Superdrug… everywhere does points cards. They are free and can only be beneficial to you. I store up all my Boots points throughout the year and usually have around £50-60 around Christmas time to spend on presents. I also like to visit my family in Liverpool and Tesco vouchers can be exchanged for Megabus tickets. And doubled. So for every £10 you have in points, Tesco doubles towards Megabus travel. Last time, I got a return to Preston for 50p when it should have been £20. I had £10 that I put towards vouchers and all I paid for was my booking fee… not bad for a weekend away!

I have a Cineworld Unlimited card too which comes with all kinds of benefits and discounts including 20% off Nandos.




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