How to make a great LinkedIn profile for your company

Despite 3 million companies utilising it and 148 industries being represented on the platform, LinkedIn still seems vastly underrated. LinkedIn is perfect for B2B connections, promoting your company and even headhunting for new employees. For businesses, LinkedIn is only going to become more prevalent meaning that now, more than ever, it’s important to understand how to create a successful page for your brand or company.

Appearance Matters

Ignore what your sympathetic teachers told you- appearance matters. Big time. Well, it does if you’re using LinkedIn as a company. Captivating pictures are the machine behind the internet right now and LinkedIn is no exception. So before we get into the nitty-gritty of LinkedIn, let’s give your page a stunning makeover.

Cover Photo

Anyone who isn’t all that creative in terms of digital design etc have been tempted to use stock photos as cover photos but it’s important to remember that a cover photo is the first thing people see on your page- that’s the point of it. Which means it needs to be captivating but also needs to express what your brand is about without being obnoxious.

A good example of a unique, captivating cover photo is HubSpot’s:


Hubspot Cover


Featured/Highlighted Products

To truly make the most of the Featured Products section, think of this as your ‘shop window’. This is where you showcase the best of your products, the place to really reel new customers in. There are options such as sharing images of your products, descriptions and of course, links to them. Shop window!

Stay Connected

You’ve created the account, you’ve made it visually appealing which means it’s now time to connect and make the most of the connections you have.

Ask Employees to Connect

If you really want visitors to get a feel for your company through LinkedIn, a great avenue is connecting with your employees on there. They will then be accessible through your company page where visitors can learn more about them and your company as a whole.

Follow Your Favourite Influencers

Influencers are a big deal on LinkedIn. Some of the top influencers on LinkedIn include Richard Branson, Bill Gates and even Barack Obama. By following the top influencers in your industry, not only do you get to fan-girl on a professional level, you can also find incredible insights that could be very beneficial to your company overall.

Stay Current

Once your page has been created, filled and connected, your work is not done. Now is not the time to be a Facebook granny on LinkedIn. That is to say, you shouldn’t make the account and then stay up to date with everybody whilst quietly lurking and judging.

A great example of a current, successful brand on LinkedIn is Dell who do between 4 and 7 posts per day on LinkedIn. Some call it overkill, I call it good online business sense.

Post Statuses

Posting statuses is not only a great way to keep people in the loop with what’s new, what’s worth knowing etc, it’s also a good way to implant yourself in your follower’s minds so that when you have something that you want to promote as much as possible, people will recognise your name and will be more likely to pay attention because of that.

Relevant Articles Are Your Friend

One of the most baffling things about all forms of social media is that even when people follow your pages to keep up with your brand, they don’t want to hear all about you. It’s a sad realisation. You think you’ve finally found somewhere to be shamelessly self-indulgent and it turns out, there is no such place.

Try to have a ratio of 70:30 when it comes to your own content vs shared content. Share articles that are relevant to your industry- either helpful or informative. These can be the route to reaching out to other companies, to engaging with your followers and becoming a more reputable company on LinkedIn.

Mix It Up

Videos, pictures, articles and plain ol’ statuses are all great ways of keeping your LinkedIn account relevant and interesting. Nobody in this digital age likes seeing a block of text and nothing more. Try and keep your LinkedIn profile a multimedia mixed bag and as relevant as possible.


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