Science and technology Kickstarter picks #1

Kickstarter is one of my favourite places to browse on the web. It’s inspiring, interesting and on occasion even quite funny. I especially love the technology section. As a huge science and new technology lover, I get so excited about potential projects and how innovative people are. It’s also nice to occasionally donate to the campaigns I’m passionate about, even if I feel the rewards are somewhat lacklustre.

Shots Stats Challenger


Shots Stats Challenger is the ideal component to any tennis player’s game. It allows you to instantly view stats after every swing including the speed of your racket, your time on court, amount of spin you’ve applied and whether it’s top spin or slice, your number of forehands, backhands, serves and smashes, the impact of the ball on your strings over time and your stringing log which tells you the number of shots before each restringing and luckily, it’s a standalone app meaning it doesn’t have to be connected to smartphones, tablets or pc’s in order for stats to be read.

The rewards aren’t exactly plentiful- at least $125 has to be pledged before backers can receive a Shots Stats Challenger and before that, there’s mostly t-shirts (because what more could you want?!)  but even with that aside, this seems like a fantastic innovation that could revolutionise (did I really just say that) for the true tennis enthusiasts out there.


HappiJar is probably the cutest app I’ll ever discuss. It’s almost sickeningly sweet. Rated number 3 in Apple’s Best New Social Networks, HappiJar encourages users to share their happy moments with their friends and family by connecting HappiJars to one another. These jars get filled with various buttons that are linked to happy memories. It can be anything so small as finding Nutella in the cupboard to meeting the newest member of your family.

This is already an app on iOS but this particular Kickstarter is looking to bring the HappiJar magic to Android. They’ve almost hit half of their £3,000 target and rewards include £12 of buttons, your own personalised button and HappiJar t-shirts.


Graffmap is a space for street art enthusiasts to map, share and admire graffiti online or in person. Users can search nearby for graffiti or discover whats new around the world. It’s currently actually available online but the creators of this unique project are looking to create an app for both iOS and Android. This is a really exciting and is a fantastic showcase of alternative art. I even think it could possibly enhance travel/holiday experience for those who enjoy this kind of art and are willing to go on adventures searching for it!

Graffmap have raised 3.5 thousand dollars out of their requested 9 thousand and only have five days to go. Perks include access to Graffmap beta, t-shirts and canvases by street artists!


MBlok is a more comfortable and accessible offline alternative to The Cloud. It boasts of 256GB of storage as well as 300 hours of battery life. It connects to devices (phones, tablets) offline through Bluetooth and is perfect for those who find themselves always running out of storage space for music, movies and photographs. Due to the fact that it fits in a palm and can be carried around everywhere, unlike Cloud storage, users can rest safe in the knowledge that their files are safe.

MBlok has reached over $166 thousand of the requested $120 thousand and has 11 days to go. Perks go from your very own sapphire blue or emerald green MBlok to engraved MBloks.

And Finally…

Every once in a while I look into old science and technology Kickstarters and find some real gems. This one in particular is pretty exciting and surprisingly simple

GoPlug bags offer USB and standard power ports within a bag. No more leaving the pub because your phone has low battery (what? Is it only me?!), no more worrying about extra batteries for devices… We now have a plug on the go and the bag is surprisingly nifty and not as bulky as expected!

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